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Take a Google Tour at The Harbour

Posted on the 30th April 2015

If you ever wondered what it looks like inside a state of the art mental health inpatient facility, you can now take a tour of The Harbour in Lancashire without having to leave the house!

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, provider of mental health and community services across the county, is one of the first Trusts in the country to work with Google to provide the public with unrivalled access to an NHS mental health inpatient site through a virtual tour. The Harbour is the Trust’s innovative new mental health unit in Blackpool which embodies the Trust’s vision of providing 21st century healthcare with wellbeing at its heart. It has 154 inpatient mental health beds for people across Lancashire and provides care across four main areas; Functional Acute, Advanced Care, Dementia and Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs). The Harbour utilises the latest technology combined with dedicated healthcare professionals to provide high quality, compassionate care for the people who need it.

Heather Tierney-Moore, Chief Executive at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Google to showcase The Harbour, which sets the standard for the future of mental health care. Our main priority is to provide the very best care for our service users and people will see on the tour we have created a relaxing, therapeutic environment to help aid their recovery.

“We hope the tour will help to dispel myths around mental health wards and reduce stigma, as people will see the brightness and sense of comfort we have instilled throughout the building. During the design and planning process we worked with a group of service users and carers to find out what they would like to see on the wards, and these ideas have been incorporated throughout the hospital; for instance, on the tour you will see the wander path on the dementia wards which allows service users to walk freely without coming to any dead ends which is proven to reduce agitation. People will also get to see the en suite rooms, which move away from the old dormitory style wards, and provide privacy and dignity for our service users. Each room has TV and internet access as well as a view of either the surrounding countryside or overlooking the courtyards with landscaped gardens.

“By providing a behind the scenes look into the hospital, we hope it will also help friends, family and carers of people who may require a stay at the site, and help to ease any concerns they may have as they will be able to look around The Harbour and know their loved ones are receiving excellent, compassionate care and the highest standards of accommodation.”

You can take the tour of The Harbour at For more information about The Harbour please visit