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Chief Executive becomes the first Macmillan Alumni Patron

Posted on the 1st July 2015

Heather Tierney-Moore, Chief Executive at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust has been named as the first ever Macmillan Alumni Patron.

Macmillan Cancer Support, a national charity providing information and support for people with cancer and their families, recently launched the Macmillan Alumni network. The Alumni is made up of former health or social care professionals who were ‘badged’ as Macmillan (meaning they were funded by the organisation at some point in their post) who would like to keep in touch with the work of the charity and old colleagues, providing a forum to remain involved whether they are now retired or have moved to another post. In addition to inviting members, the charity has asked a small number of renowned individuals to become Patrons for the Macmillan Alumni and Heather Tierney-Moore has taken up the inaugural role.

A nurse by background, in 1989 Heather became one of the first Macmillan breast care nurses at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, creating the service from scratch with the support of Macmillan assisting with initial funding of the post, education and peer-support. She has been Chief Executive at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust for the past six years, leading staff in a range of community, mental health and offender healthcare services. Heather explains:

“I am delighted to have been invited to become a Patron for the Alumni. Working as one of the first breast care nurses and establishing the service in Sheffield is one of the achievements of which I am most proud. Since that time, I have had huge respect for Macmillan and the work they do, and I am proud to be connected to the organisation.

“I now work at a national level and have lots of networks. As a Macmillan Patron, I hope to use this to create useful connections, raise conversations that might be beneficial to Macmillan, and use my strategic experiences to help. I learnt many things during my time as a Macmillan nurse, and have carried the values of compassion and high quality patient care with me throughout my career.

“There are things that bind us together as a community of practice, which go beyond formal roles. They are things we all care about, are interested in, and will work together to make happen across boundaries or hierarchies. That's what the Alumni will hopefully become. It's a movement; a group of people with a common passion and association with Macmillan. For me, a Macmillan role is something that should be treasured. The opportunity to remain connected with that privilege even after leaving that role; I think it’s something special.”

Stephen Williams, Engaging Professionals Workstream Lead for Macmillan said:

“We are really pleased to have Heather Tierney-Moore as the first Macmillan Alumni Patron. She is an inspiration to many from her work as one of the first Macmillan Breast Care Nurses to a Chief Executive for an NHS Trust and someone who has kept the principles of quality of patient care at her heart.  Heather’s values around the importance of quality and treating the patient as an individual were as evident as a Macmillan nurse as much as they are now. I am sure Heather will advise Macmillan well in relation to the Alumni and make sure the charity continues to make a significant impact on people affected by cancer, across the UK.”

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