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Staying Active during the summer break

Posted on the 24th July 2015

The summer holidays are a perfect opportunity for families to get together and have fun, and there are plenty of ways to do this whilst keeping fit and healthy. Keeping children and young people busy for six weeks a challenge, but there are so many ideas of activities that the Fit Squad offer, all free too!

Tracy Sutton, Healthy Lifestyles Service Manager Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

"The summer is a great time to start getting active and make small changes to leading a healthier life, with the weather warmer, it makes it much easier to get outside. Going out for walks or playing sports with friends or family will bring you closer together and help you keep active at the same time. The team’s advice carries on well after the holidays are over and changes such as making a packed lunch for you or your children to take to work or school can work out cheaper as well as healthier, we have a great guide on our website full of ideas of what to include."

The Trust’s Fit Squad provide support for people who want to lose weight, become more active and improve their diet. Please visit the Fit Squad’s website on or call 01772 644158 for further information.

  • Physical activity doesn’t have to feel like a work out – a trip to the local park or bowling alley are just a few of the great ways of getting up and about
  • Swimming is a great way of letting your children have fun with their friends and if they really want to get active they could swim lengths
  • Cycling is a great way of getting a small group together and the list and lengths of possible journeys is endless. Why not try out a local traffic-free cycle route and have a picnic too!
  • Look out for advertisements in your local leisure centre – there is often lots going on including play schemes and activity clubs and this is the best place to find out what’s available