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We couldn't have done it without each other!

Posted on the 30th January 2014

Left to right Karen and Neil

Neil (38) and his wife Karen (33) from Preston had both smoked for over 20 years. Thanks to their local Quit Squad they have both been cigarette free for over 3 months and counting.

Neil said:

“I really wanted to quit but never had the willpower to go through with it. It’s really easy to fall into a habit as a couple especially when you both smoke – it’s almost as if you encourage each other or accept that it’s just a part of your life. I’d think about quitting when I got to the end of a packet and then before I knew it I’d be on my way to the shop for some more.

“Our 9 year old son Charlie had noticed a stop smoking campaign on TV and suggested that we try it. He’s always telling us how bad it is for our health and asking us why we can’t just stop. It was only when my wife Karen spotted the Quit Squad being advertised that we thought – we can actually do this!

“We started by attending one-to-one clinics with the staff to talk about what we needed to do to quit and the best methods for us. By attending the sessions together we were able to encourage each other to keep going and stay on track when either one of us was in doubt. The staff were brilliant and made it clear that they were always available for support no matter what – it was great to know that help and advice was on the end of a telephone.

“Since the day we attended the session we have never looked back and have so far gone 3 months without a single cigarette! It’s amazing how quickly our health has improved and we started to notice within a few days.

“We made a promise to put any money that we would usually spend on cigarettes in a pot and we couldn’t believe how much it’s added up in only a few months. The money has allowed us to book ourselves a holiday in the summer – something we can enjoy together as a family.

“We would encourage anyone who is thinking of quitting to talk to their local stop smoking service. Our lives have changed so much since we walked through that door and it could be the same for them.”