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Posted on the 2nd November 2015

Save money and improve your health by quitting smoking today with help and support from Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust"s Quit Squad.

Everyone knows October is a popular time to stop smoking and the Quit Squad provide friendly advice and support for people who have stopped smoking for Stoptober or altogether. They have a range of one to one sessions and drop in sessions at a variety of locations so people can access the service at a time convenient for them. 

Michael, from Central Lancashire had been a smoker for 60 years when a serious health scare resulting in a hospital stay kick started his journey to stopping smoking.  

Michael explains:

"I never really gave much thought about what my smoking was doing to my health. I had tried to stop about 4 or 5 years ago but I was snapping all the time and was irritable so it didn"t last long. It wasn"t until my health scare earlier this year when my doctor told me if I kept on smoking, I wouldn"t be around much longer that I decided I needed to make a change. I was put in touch with a case worker from the Quit Squad called Emily and she suggested nicotine replacement patches as a starting point during my stay in hospital and to be honest I"ve not looked back. I"m no longer on the patches now, I haven"t needed them. So far I haven"t had any cravings for cigarettes; I don"t miss them at all.

"I"m enjoying my food so much more and even trying food I never did before, my appetite is stronger and this all happened about 3 days after my last cigarette, I feel healthier too. When I went for my check up at the doctors they were overwhelmed with my progress. They said I had a much stronger heartbeat and my lungs are improving too. It"s not just my health either, since I"ve stopped smoking I have had a noticeable amount of spare money, I"ve been able to replace our TV after it broke and even bought a new car with the extra cash! My son has seen my progress and its encouraging him to cut back which makes it all worth it."

Julie Trezise, Quit Squad Service Manager at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

"It"s fantastic to hear about the difference stopping smoking is making to people"s lives and shows how important the service we provide is to people. You can stop smoking at any age any time and Michael"s story is a great example of how even after 60 years of smoking, his sense of smell and taste improved after just a few days. People are five times more likely to stop smoking with the help of their local NHS stop smoking service than will power alone, so if you"re thinking of stopping, get in touch and make the first steps to a healthy, smokefree future."

The Quit Squad can be contacted on Freephone 0800 328 6297 or 01772 644474 or you can complete the online self-referral form on their website at