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Rapid Intervention and Treatment Team for Older Adults in East Lancashire

Posted on the 6th November 2015

The Rapid Intervention and Treatment Team (RITT) for older adults in East Lancashire is recognised as 'good" across all domains by an independent regulator and its service users!

The team provides healthcare to individuals over the age of 65 who are living with Dementia or other mental health issues in their usual place of residence, whether that"s their home or another residential setting, with the least amount of disruption to the individual"s day to day routine and means they can avoid a hospital stay. The services provided by the team include assessment, diagnosis, treatment and education to create an individualised care plan and people can assess the service through their GP or self-referral.

Jeanette Harrison, Team Manager for RITT at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

"We work with older adults in the community and their families and carers to provide tailored care to each person and this has been reflected in the feedback from our service users. I"m really pleased that the team"s commitment to the care of older people with mental health issues has been recognised and we"re humbled that people accessing the service were very complimentary about the care they received. As a team we will continue with our determination to provide our high standard of care."

To find out more information about what the team provide and how to access the service, please visit

During their inspection the CQC spoke to some of the people using the services and they said they felt that they had been personally involved in the development of their care plan and described the service as 'very good". Carers also said that the service was 'excellent", responsive to people"s needs and said that Trust staff were kind, caring and respectful.