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Lancashire Nurse recognised by Nightingale of the North Awards

Posted on the 26th November 2015

Sarah Kiveal, Specialist Continence Nurse at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, has been recognised by services users and the award programme for her work in Central Lancashire.

Sarah works as a specialist nurse in the Continence Service based in Clayton Brook, the team consists of an Occupational Therapist, a Physio, four Nurses, a trainee Assistant Practitioner and a secretary. The different skill set of the team makes them unique in the continence world. Their goal is to promote continence and help people living with a bladder and or bowel problem to improve their quality of life. The team assess patients with bladder and bowel dysfunction and help them achieve continence and control where possible and manage any incontinence that cannot be resolved in a sensitive and dignified way. The care is tailored to the individual based on their needs.

Sarah said:

"Some might think it"s an odd area to be so passionate about, but the people we help are distressed and we work to ease their anxiety and embarrassment. We"re often thanked for giving patients the time they need to talk about their concerns in a friendly and safe environment. Sometimes something as small as explaining their condition and how we can help them improve it makes all the difference and for me that"s the most rewarded part of my job."

Sarah"s daughter nominated her for the award and she was given a special mention for the difference she makes to the lives of her patients. Along with a colleague, Sarah developed and implementing a specific bowel assessment form for new patients. The purpose of the form is to carry out a specialist in-depth assessment of a person"s bowel function in order to provide the best possible care and treatment and to improve a patient"s quality of life.

To contact the service which is based at Clayton Brook Clinic, please ring 01772 777480. To find out more about the service visit