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Lancashire residents encouraged to share breastfeeding experiences

Posted on the 3rd March 2016

Residents in Lancashire are encouraged to share their experiences of supporting mothers to breastfeed.

The Infant Feeding Team at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust would like to hear from people in Lancashire who have supported mothers to breastfeed, or supported a mum to return to work and continue breastfeeding as part of an initiative to celebrate the value of support for breastfeeding women by sharing short blog posts.

"The health and emotional benefits of breastfeeding for both mums and babies are tremendous, something that protects children against infections and diseases early on, as well as in later life," said Vikki Livsey, Perinatal Health Practitioner, Infant Feeding Team, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.

"Breastfeeding is known to reduce the risk of infections, allergies, diabetes and childhood obesity. Human milk contains ingredients which constantly adapt to meet the needs of a growing baby, something that formula milk is unable to copy," she added.

It would be great to hear from or about someone, a workplace or a community venue i.e. café that has supported a mum to breastfeed. Please contact the Infant Feeding Team at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. Please email with your name and contact number, and just a few words about yourself before 1 April 2016.

During June, there will be breastfeeding celebration events throughout Lancashire to mark National Breastfeeding Celebration Week (20-26 June). #celebratebreastfeeding