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Learning from Mistakes – Lancashire Care Rated Good

Posted on the 9th March 2016

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust has received a rating of good in a new 'Learning from Mistakes" league table that has been collated and published today by NHS Improvement.

Drawing on a range of data, the table serves to identify the level of openness and transparency in NHS provider organisations for the first time ever. Data has been drawn on from the 2015 staff survey and the National Reporting and Learning System to identify those NHS provider organisations that have:

  • outstanding levels of openness and transparency;
  • good levels of openness and transparency;
  • significant concerns about openness and transparency; or
  • a poor reporting culture

The league table gives each trust a rank alongside providers across the country and placement in one of the above 4 categories.  Lancashire Care has been ranked in the top 10% nationally, rated as one of the Trust"s with 'good levels of openness and transparency".

The Trust takes the safety and wellbeing of its employees and patients very seriously and proactively encourages the reporting of incidents/near misses and sharing the learning from such cases. The results indicate that the work that the Trust has progressed over the last few years to promote a positive safety culture and learning from mistakes has been effective. A real emphasis has been given to embedding an open learning culture, encouraging reporting and empowering staff to escalate anything that could impact on the quality of care or patient safety.   

Trust Chief Executive, Heather Tierney-Moore commented: "Providing high quality care and a good experience for our patients is our number one priority. Patient safety is imperative and creating an open and honest culture in which staff feel supported and safe to raise concerns is key to delivering services that are safe and effective. How organisations respond to mistakes also impacts on the culture and at Lancashire Care we are continually working to achieve a positive culture where we focus on learning rather than blame in the unfortunate event that something has gone wrong." 

The staff survey results 2015, which were published recently, showed a significant improvement in relation to awareness amongst Lancashire Care employees on how to report unsafe clinical practice with 98% of respondents saying that they know how to go about this, 89% felt that patient care is the Trust"s top priority and 97% felt that the Trust does act on concerns raised by patients. In terms of the survey overall, the Trust has made improvements in 22 of the 60 areas covered by the national NHS staff survey and the overall engagement of employees has increased to above the national average.

The Trust is on a journey of continuous improvement and the results of the staff survey alongside broader data sets will inform future developments to ensure that staff are well supported and able to deliver high quality care and services. Engaged employees who feel able to work in an open and honest way results in better outcomes for patients and a safer NHS overall. The Trust is proud to be recognised as one of the Trust"s that is achieving this at a national level and will continue to encourage openness and transparency across its services.