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Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust shortlisted for national FFT awards

Posted on the 15th March 2016

The Children and Families Network at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (LCFT) has been shortlisted for NHS England"s Friends and Family Test Awards 2016 in the Best FFT Accessibility Initiative Category.

The awards aim to recognise healthcare services that have used the feedback of patients and carers to shape services for the better and make improvements as a result.

Working closely with the Quality Improvement and Experience Department at LCFT, the Children and Families Network adapted the widely used questionnaire to appeal to a younger audience and provide them with the opportunity to feedback about their experience of the Trust"s services.

"This is an exciting occasion and highlights how much the Trust gives importance to children and young people whose opinions and experiences are absolutely crucial. The network pioneered a unique system of the Family and Friends Test for an important section of the community who would, otherwise, find it difficult to participate in this national initiative as the test forms were designed for adults," said Andrew Clarke, Public Health Development Lead (Children and Families), Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.

"The category for which we"ve been shortlisted is open to services that have tried to make giving feedback easier for people who might otherwise be excluded. It is vital to recognise the excellent work the network has undertaken in involving children and young people in ensuring their voices are heard and assure them that their opinions do matter," he added.

Organised by NHS England, the awards are held as a way of saying thank you to individuals and teams who have championed the Family and Friends Test across NHS-funded services as an important way to increase transparency and involve patients in shaping their services.

There will be awards for the top three nominees in each category, with winners announced at a national conference that will be held in Leeds on 17 March 2016. This week (14-18 March) is Friends and Family Spotlight Week, which is held to boost the number of people giving feedback on their NHS care and treatment.