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Seeking help is a sign of strength

Posted on the 20th April 2016

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust"s Mindsmatter service is encouraging people in Lancashire/St Helens to get in touch for advice and support if they are feeling low as part of national Depression Awareness Week 2016.

The campaign which is led by the Depression Alliance takes place between 18 and 24 May and aims to get people talking about mental health and reduce stigma. The Mindsmatter service is supporting the event and encouraging people to come forward if they are concerned about feeling low. The service provides support for people experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety to people across Lancashire and St Helens. They offer a tailor-made service working in collaboration with the individual to address their specific requirements; this can include online courses, group workshops or one to one sessions.

Sue Crutchley, Mindsmatter Service Manager at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

"Around 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health problem during their life, however we are still tackling stigma around the illness. We want to encourage people to seek help should they be experiencing symptoms relating to low mood, stress and anxiety or sleeping problems which can be a sign, or cause of, mental ill-health. Talking about how you"re feeling and seeking help is a sign of strength and is nothing to be ashamed of. We hope people get involved with the campaign, talk about their problems and start conversations with others and work towards getting rid of stigma for good!"

For information about your local Mindsmatter service please visit their website