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Front Room on Tour!

Posted on the 22nd August 2016

If you’re in the Blackpool area in the next few weeks you may suddenly find yourself transported to a front room as the Lancashire and Cumbria Innovation Alliance take their mock up on tour as part of NHS England’s innovative Test Bed programme.

The Lancashire and Cumbria Innovation Alliance (LCIA) is made up of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust working in partnership with Lancaster Health Hub and Philips amongst many others comprising SMEs, social enterprises and the voluntary sector.

Over the next two years the Alliance will enable frontline health and care workers in Lancashire to use a range of technologies and interventions to support frail and older people living with long-term conditions such as diabetes and COPD and mild dementia to be cared for outside of hospital with the intention of improving their outcomes. The project is going on tour to showcase the technology available to people as part of the programme and allows them to see the kit being used and find out more about the scheme and how to get involved. You can visit the front room on the following days and locations:

  • Tuesday 23 August, 9am to 12pm - Moor Park Health &Leisure Centre, Blackpool
  • Tuesday 13 September, 1pm to 4pm - Whitegate Drive Health Centre, Blackpool
  • Wednesday 2 November, 2pm to 5pm - Fleetwood Health &Wellbeing Centre
  • Wednesday 23 November, 2pm to 5pm - Lytham Primary Care Centre

Glyn Jones, Innovation Programme Manager and Test Bed lead at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Our test bed programme aims to help people living with certain conditions such as diabetes, COPD or heart failure to self-manage their care from the comfort of their own home. This in turn will reduce the need for unnecessary hospital visits as people will be increasingly aware of their health needs and over time will become more confident leading on their own care.

People will still have access to support from healthcare professionals and will receive scheduled visits however these can be reduced allowing the patient more freedom in their daily life. The technology itself varies from set top boxes which plug in to TV to allow video calls with health professionals and family members, to apps for tablets and smartphones which allow people to track things such as oxygen levels, weight and blood pressure. This data is then transmitted to a hub monitored by clinicians who will be able to track health progress. There is compelling evidence that people who recognise that they have a key role in self-managing their conditions and understand the impact they have on their own lives experience better health outcomes and we are looking forward to helping patients to achieve this.”

For more information about the LCIA Test Bed please visit