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Mindsmatter Silver Cloud

Posted on the 1st September 2016

People who are experiencing common mental health problems can now access the online Cognitive Behavioural programme Silver Cloud.

Around 1 in 4 people will experience common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety in any 12 month period. Many of these people are reluctant to seek help, however life events such as financial problems or bereavement can be difficult to manage and can sometimes contribute to an overload in stress.  

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Mindsmatter teams provide talking therapies, psychological and therapeutic support across Lancashire and St Helens. The latest addition to the Mindsmatter toolbox is Silver Cloud, a complete online Cognitive Behavioural programme. People can access Silver Cloud using their phone, tablet or computer and receive online support in creating their own toolkit to help them in overcoming their problems. People can continue to access the resource for 12 months after completing it to remind them of what worked best.

Karen Sillett, Mindsmatter Locality Lead, said:

“People often don’t know where to start finding support for their emotional wellbeing and think that they should be able to cope.  Silver Cloud is proving effective in helping people who feel that they want some help.  It’s an easy, accessible first step and can be accessed within a week of referral. If you can navigate the internet enough to shop online or access Facebook and you have an email address then you will find Silver Cloud easy to access. This will provide an immediate start to improving your emotional wellbeing.”

The team offers a variety of ways for people to learn and develop positive coping strategies to manage their emotional wellbeing.  They provide education classes on understanding and managing stress, anxiety and depression; one-off sessions on relaxation, panic, and sleep, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions alongside Silver Cloud.

People can access the service via the online referral form from the comfort of their own home, by post, telephone or by visiting their GP. For more information about your local Mindsmatter service and to access their online self-referral form please visit