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Students can quit smoking and save money

Posted on the 8th September 2016

In the face of increased debt among students, students who smoke, vape or chew could potentially save money by kicking the habit for good with specialist help from the Quit Squad.

According to recent research, new graduates in England face average debt levels of more than a third of the average mortgage. The increased debt among students and new graduates is attributed to rising maintenance loans and the higher tuition fees of £9,000 a year for students who started their degrees in 2012 or later.

In light of that, student smokers could save money by quitting smoking with specialist help from the Quit Squad, which is funded by Lancashire County Council. In addition to being financially better off, student smokers could improve their overall health and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, lung disease, cancer and stroke.

Tracy Sutton from the Quit Squad said: “Becoming a student for many will be the first step into adult life with a host of financial responsibilities. Rising living costs and the higher tuition fees mean students can find themselves in debt. Smoking, vaping or chewing can add to this debt.  Students who manage to kick these habits will often find that they have more money in their pockets.

“Giving up can be a challenge but the good news is that you are 4 times more likely to give up with expert help than without. With the right support and guidance everything becomes easier. There are also immense health benefits of quitting and the Quit Squad is there at hand to provide that support in a friendly, down to earth and non-judgmental way.”

With a packet of 20 cigarettes costing an average of £9.16, people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day could potentially save over £3,340 a year if they were to give up. For more information on how much smokers could save by giving up visit:

In addition to drop-in clinics (for which no appointments are required) and one-to-one sessions, the Quit Squad also offers group sessions in the community and operates in Central, North, East and West Lancashire. For further details, telephone 0800 3286297, visit, or follow the Quit Squad on Twitter @LancashireCare #QuitSquad.

For further information on Smoke Free Pledges, telephone 01706 871740 or visit

People who wish to refer themselves to the Quit Squad can do so by telephoning the above number or completing the Quit Squad Self-Referral Form that can be found on the home page of the Quit Squad website.