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Military Veterans advised to seek support as part of World Mental Health Day 2016

Posted on the 30th September 2016

Lancashire’s Military Veterans’ Service is encouraging veterans who may be experiencing mental health problems to get in contact and fight stigma as part of World Mental Health Day (WMHD) 2016.

The process of adapting back in to normal life from the military can often trigger emotional troubles for veterans.  Many develop fear at the thought of the instability of normal life and the lack of structure that they are used to. They can often worry about education, finances or the thought of feeling isolated and alone. No one should face this on their own and it is important that they reach out for support for the challenges that they may face.

The partnership service provided by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust is supporting WMHD by raising awareness of mental health and ensuring veterans are aware that they are here to help. The service offers support for veterans experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety or substance misuse.

Joe Crocock, Military Veterans Service Manager said:

“We want people to understand that there is no better time to open up about mental health than World Mental Health Day. Some veterans feel as though mental health services will not provide the understanding and help that they need, and that is why we have a service dedicated to the needs of veterans. People shouldn’t ever feel as though they have no one to talk to or that no one will be able to understand what they are going through. The service is made up of a team of people who have an excellent understanding of the culture within the forces. Many of our staff are veterans or have family members in the forces, so there is always someone who can relate to the situation.”

For more information about the Military Veterans’ service and to make a self-referral please visit