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East Lancashire peer support for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Posted on the 30th September 2016

A peer support group in East Lancashire called Circles is inviting local residents living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to join the group and raise awareness as part of OCD Awareness Week.

OCD Awareness Week is marked across the globe on 9-15 October to raise awareness and understanding of the condition. ‘Circles’ is a peer support group for people living with OCD and is supported by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. The group offers a supportive and relaxed environment for people to have a conversation about living with OCD. It also provides an opportunity for people to share coping methods and learn more about the disorder. The group is also there for family, friends or carers of those living with OCD and meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month at Stacksteads in Rossendale (full address below).

Sue Dixon, 66, has attended Circles peer group for 4 years. She said:

“I have suffered with OCD since I was small child. The nature of OCD can change often and so my experience has varied throughout the different stages of my life. When I was young it began with excessive cleanliness and fear of contamination and as an adult this developed into cleaning rituals in the house and washing myself and my clothes constantly.

“When I first retired my struggle with OCD became worse, the more time I spent at home the more I thought about rituals and had the obsessive urge to carry out tasks in the same order every day. I began to feel extremely low and visited my GP who put me in touch with the Community Restart team. A support worker from the team came to see me and managed to get me out of the house and take part in social situations again. I began various activities such as swimming and started to learn French. I began Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, joined a mindfulness course and then the peer support group.

“Circles is only a small group with around 6 people who regularly attend. Going along and talking through experiences with people has really helped. People at the group have different strategies to deal with their various types of OCD and we are non-judgemental and meet in a more relaxed setting. Talking to others with similar difficulties is most beneficial to people with OCD.”

The team can be contacted on 01282 657210 for further details. The complete address of the meeting venue is as follows:  

14 Glen Crescent Community Bungalow, Stacksteads, Rossendale, OL13 0NP