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Managing diabetes during Christmas and New Year

Posted on the 22nd December 2016

Health professionals from Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust are encouraging people with diabetes to ensure they take the right precautions for their diabetes over the Christmas and New Year period.

With the festive season firmly on us, Christmas and New Year is by nature an indulgent time of the year with many people happy to eat things they would normally avoid during the rest of the year. It is, however, crucial people with diabetes remain vigilant in managing their condition.

Christine Elwell, Professional Lead Diabetes Education Coordinator at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“Christmas and New Year is a time when people often attend parties and visit family and friends. As a result, we’re happy to eat things we’d probably avoid during the rest of the year, like a mince pie or two or chocolates. However, it’s important to make sure members of the public with diabetes know what precautions to take during this time of the year to stay healthy and fit. If you need advice about any of the above or to talk to someone, contact the local team responsible for your care.’’

Top tips for people with diabetes during the Christmas and New Year:

  • Stock up – Stock up on insulin, test strips and tablets etc. Your doctor’s surgery may only be closed for a few days, but don’t leave yourself with only a limited stock.
  • Don’t forget the basics – Keep in mind the basics of controlling your sugar levels. Remember to take your diabetes medication on time or balance your insulin with your food choices.
  • Not all meals need to be unhealthy – Fill up on vegetables with your Christmas dinner, eat smaller portions of high fat foods and stick to one portion of pudding.
  • Remember to test – Check your sugar levels at regular intervals.
  • Get out and enjoy the outdoors – Have a boogie with the kids or give the dog an extra walk.
  • More information and recipes for Christmas can be found on the Diabetes UK website

To find out more, contact DESMOND on 01772 777620 or email Alternatively, speak to your GP, practice nurse or health care professional. For general advice on any form of diabetes, call the Diabetes UK Helpline on 0345 123 2399 or visit