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Nutrition and Hydration Week

Posted on the 9th March 2017

Health professionals at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust are supporting Nutrition and Hydration Week by promoting the importance of nutrition and hydration to maintain the health and wellbeing of their patients.

Nutrition and Hydration Week (13-19 March) starts on Monday and the awareness week is being used to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally. Staff across the Trust are holding a number of events to promote the important of eating well and staying hydrated.


Staff at The Harbour in Blackpool are using the week to highlight the profile of the new dining buddy project. The project is set to launch in Spring 2017 and is about improving the mealtime experience for patients and staff. As part of this they will be asking staff at the unit what the issues are at meal times and how these can be resolved. The project team will be looking to start the recruitment process for dining buddies and will display a board with the job description and further information about the role. Health and wellbeing workers will be making smoothies and running fruit themed activities throughout the week to raise the profile of the importance of 5 a day to patients and staff.

Dietetic students at The Minerva Health Centre in Preston are holding a ‘Focus on Fluid Friday’ event during the week which will highlight how mild dehydration can reduce physical and cognitive performance. The students are looking to educate people on the importance of staying hydrated and how to recognise and prevent dehydration.   


Sheila Kasaven, Senior Matron at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

We know as care staff that nutrition and hydration is extremely important in the treatment of all physical and mental health needs. For our patients to be successfully treated we need to ensure that their nutrition and hydration intake is at the optimum level.

“During nutrition and hydration week we will be raising the awareness of eating enough fruit and veg and the profile of dining buddies that can help make mealtimes a good experience for all our patients”

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