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Arkwright Crisis Support Unit

Posted on the 19th July 2017

Support for people in Central Lancashire who are suffering with mental health difficulties has now increased through a new crisis support unit in the area. 

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust has opened a brand new mental health provision at Royal Preston Hospital in Central Lancashire that will support people’s mental health needs. The Arkwright Unit consists of 6 chairs in place of beds and is aimed at providing a short term safe therapeutic environment where people in crisis can be assessed and then referred to the appropriate service, or be discharged into the community.


The Arkwright Unit is a 24/7 facility that provides an alternative pathway for people requiring urgent mental health on-going assessment and suffering with mental health difficulties in crisis.  Along with support of staff, people can think through the nature of the crisis and about the help they need to recover both short and long term. The Arkwright Unit supports people over 18 years of age and is not an inpatient unit with people spending between 4-23 hours stay.

Bev Liddle, Service Manager at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Arkwright Crisis Support Unit said:

We are really excited to have opened a new Crisis Support Unit in the Central Lancashire locality. There is an increasing demand on mental health services across Lancashire and as part of this we have been working hard to determine what services are needed to people’s mental health needs are met.

“The unit has been designed to provide an alternative to an inpatient admission and waiting in an emergency department or other facilities for unnecessary time periods. Admission of a person in to the Arkwright Unit will be following risk assessment and referral from a mental health professional.

The unit will then facilitate a further period of stabilisation in a safe environment for those in mental health crisis and will allow our staff to constantly assess and support the service user. The Trust already provides a Crisis Support Unit in East Lancashire which has proved a great success in supporting people’s mental health as an alternative to hospital.”

Referrals in to the Arkwright Unit are made via the telephone, where an over-the-phone triage will be carried out.  The Clinical Practitioner carrying out the Triage will have the final say in the decision to transfer the person into the facility. Referrals in to the unit can be made through the following teams:

·         Assessment and Treatment Team

·         Community Mental Health Team

·         Mental Health Liaison Team

·         Mental Health Response Team

·         Criminal Justice Liaison Team

·         GP’s via the Assessment and Treatment Team process