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Support available for Military Veterans'

Posted on the 22nd August 2017

Ex-service personnel living Lancashire can access emotional and mental health support from Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Military Veterans’ Service.

Around 3.2% of UK armed forces personnel are assessed with a mental health disorder. Possible explanations for the rise in recent years may be the successful effect of campaigns to reduce stigma resulting in an increase in mental health awareness. Yet for some veterans’ this is not always the case, meaning they do not come into contact with mental health services for a number of years following service.

The transition from veteran to civilian life can be difficult and often those who have served in the armed forces can struggle in asking for the support they need. With this in mind, the Lancashire Military Veterans’ Service wants to remind people of the support available for anyone experiencing mental health problems or difficulties in to normal life.  The service provides mental health support for conditions including depression, alcohol and substance misuse, anger problems and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Joe Crocock, Military Veterans Service Manager at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We recognise that adjusting to the change in lifestyle when leaving the forces can be very difficult and that it is important the people are able to access the support they need, at the right time and every time. Mental health is a topic that is always so high on the agenda and we are working to maximise awareness around it to encourage as many people as possible to get in touch.

“We provide support for a variety of mental health conditions be it Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and we also provide support for those dealing with alcohol or substance misuse. The service is made up of a team of specialists who understand the culture of the armed forces and can provide help for anyone who is experiencing emotional difficulties and also wanting to develop their skills and look for new employment.”

The Military Veterans’ Service is a partnership between Lancashire Care and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. The service provides a valuable insight and understanding of life both in and out of the forces as many staff have served themselves or have family members in the forces.

For more information about the Military Veterans’ Service and to make a self-referral, please visit or call 0300 323 0707.