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Sugar swap advice

Posted on the 30th January 2014

Health professionals in Central Lancashire are reminding people that there are plenty of ways to cut down on sugar without even realising!

Sugary foods are a source of energy but too much can result in our bodies storing this as fat. Consuming too much sugar can result in tooth decay and becoming overweight which can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type2 diabetes.

Jenny Broom, Healthy Lifestyle Advisor for the Fit Squad at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“A healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular physical activity is the best way to stay in shape or lose weight. It’s all about balance and ensuring that your calorie intake is not greater than the calories that you use throughout the day.

“Consuming too much sugar has a huge part to play in this and it’s important that people realise some of the simple things they can do to reduce their intake. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating the things you enjoy but it’s important to look out for hidden sugar in some foods and be aware of how much you’re consuming.”

As part of a healthy, balanced diet sugary food and drink should only be consumed in small amounts and there’s plenty of ways you can cut down on sugar without even realising a difference.
  • Choose wholegrain breakfast cereals rather than sugar or honey coated ones
  • Check nutrition labels to help you pick the foods with less added sugar or opt for low sugar versions
  • Gradually reduce the amount of sugar you add to hot drinks or cereal
  • Opt for water or unsweetened fruit juice rather than fizzy or juice drinks
  • Pack healthy snacks so you don’t get tempted throughout the day
The Change4Life website has some great ideas for cutting down on sugar and looking out for ‘hidden nasties’ on food labels which can be accessed by visiting To find out more about the Fit Squad please visit or call 01772 644158.