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Beating compulsive behaviour on OCD Week of Action

Posted on the 16th February 2018

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be a debilitating and paralysing experience, and during OCD Week of Action on 19-25 February Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Mindsmatter service is calling on people to get in touch and seek help.

People with OCD often experience negative and repetitive thoughts that force them to repeat actions, as a result the Mindsmatter service may be able to help.

Kieran Fleck, Mindsmatter Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Lead at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“We often hear the term ‘a bit OCD-ish’ and many of us may have behaviours or thoughts that we recognise as falling into this category. For most of us, and for most of the time, this are not too much of a burden. However, for some of us (perhaps as many as 2 percent) OCD is a significant clinical problem that can seriously impair our quality of life

“Fortunately, there is help available. For milder forms of OCD our popular ‘Overcoming Your Fears’ course is available in the Preston and Chorley areas, and is a great way to help overcome or manage these problems using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles. The course is made up of eight group sessions lasting two hours each with eight to 12 people. The course is a great chance to meet other people in a similar situation and get some peer support afterwards.”

For people who are suffering from more intense or severe OCD symptoms and in other parts of Lancashire, the Mindsmatter service is happy to talk about other treatment options that could make a real difference such as high intensity CBT.

Mindsmatter’s “Overcoming Your Fears” are group sessions run over eight weeks by the Mindsmatter service. People can access the service via an online referral form, post, telephone or by visiting their GP. For more information about your local Mindsmatter service and to access their online self-referral form visit