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Electronic Patient Record (EPR) System!

Posted on the 15th March 2018

People in Lancashire will receive better healthcare and improved communication with their provider through a new, efficient and safe Electronic Patient Record (EPR) System.

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust is working in partnership with Servelec HSC to develop and implement a new EPR to transform the way they deliver care to patients, with the provision of Servelec HSC’s market-leading EPR solution - RiO. The new EPR system will benefit both patients and health professionals by ensuring that when necessary, the relevant parties will have access to reliable patient records.

The RiO EPR system will support clinical staff at the Trust to provide high quality care, at the right time, every time, by enabling access to timely, accurate information about patients. It will improve the safety of healthcare and support clinical decision-making, ensuring that a joined up approach is taken at all times.

The Trust is currently working closely with Servelec HSC to implement RiO to three early adopter teams; the Community Neuro and Stroke Service, Eating Disorders Service and Learning Disabilities Service.  The Community Neuro and Stroke Service were the first service to go live on RiO from February 2018 and are working closely with the Trust’s Health Informatics EPR Project team to realise RiO’s benefits.

Damian Parkinson, Director of Health Informatics at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We have been working really hard with our partner Servelec HSC to develop and implement a new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system to change the way that we deliver care to our patients in Lancashire. As part of this we have been working closely with clinicians in order to build the bridge between their requirements and the use of information technology.

“The roll out of the RiO system is going well with our early adopter teams and has been effective in supporting them to deliver high quality care, by enabling them access to timely, accurate information about our patients and to be able to share this with other health professionals involved in a person’s care. We look forward to continuing to see this successfully implementing it wider across the Trust.”

Helen Farmer, Community Neuro Service Manager at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“It is well recognised that the use of information technology is key in enhancing care and improving healthcare. The roll out of the new RiO Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system has gone really well within the Community Neuro Team, with the EPR replacing two of the systems that we were previously using within the team.

“This means that all of our patient records and information shared by clinicians is saved securely in one place. This has resulted in an easier hand over process for our staff, and also has supported continuity of care for the patients who access our service.”

Alan Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer at Servelec HSC said:

“We are delighted that the Community Neuro and Stroke Service is now live with our Electronic Patient Record solution – RiO.  It is very exciting to be part of this journey with Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust as RiO EPR will support the creation of comprehensive clinical information that will be shared electronically within the Trust and with partner providers.

“We look forward to working with the team at Lancashire to help change the way the Trust delivers care to its patients and improve the patient experience, as clinicians will have the correct up-to-date information at the point of care.”

The Learning Disabilities and Eating Disorders services will go live on RiO in May 2018.