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Planting the seed for change

Posted on the 21st March 2014

The Common Ground project aims to raise awareness of the environment and sustainable practices across the healthcare landscape. Staff have been working with members of the local community to grow fresh produce which is then prepared and served up in the Guild Lodge kitchen. As part of NHS Sustainability Day falls which takes place on 27 March this year, the team is looking for people to participate by creating a low maintenance edible growing space at home.

Elizabeth Harrison, Service Lead at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Sustainability is so much more than simply planting trees and growing vegetables; it’s about making real sustainable changes to benefit the environment and creating something that can be continually improved. Growing fruit and vegetables at home reduces emissions, pollution and food preparation waste.

“The work we are doing to provide freshly grown fruit and vegetables is hoping to kick start a revolution in how food is delivered to NHS patients. By taking part on a smaller scale, members of the local community can help contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment.”

The project works closely with mental health services, partnerships and members of the community to provide sustainable outcomes for service users and the wider environment. To find out more or to learn how easy it can be to grow some food in your garden or backyard please call 01772 773578 or email