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Join Dementia Research

Posted on the 11th December 2018

Every 3.2 minutes someone develops dementia in the UK and the only way to beat the condition is through research. With this in mind, Lancashire Care and its partners are accelerating their efforts to improve access to Dementia Research for people living on the Fylde Coast and are looking for newly diagnosed people to join the Dementia Register.

The Trust and its wider stakeholders have been working hard to ensure that 25% of people newly diagnosed with dementia choose to register on ‘Join Dementia Research’, a National Register which has been set up for people to be able to make a difference through medical research. The Examplar partnership is now looking for 30 newly diagnosed people on the Fylde Coast to join the register, to help people experiencing dementia now, as well as helping to prevent people from developing dementia in the future

Dr Mark Worthington, Consultant Psychiatrist for Older Adults at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Dementia is increasing in the UK with at least 850 000 people currently living with dementia. There are many causes of dementia the commonest being Alzheimer’s disease; this means beating one cause of dementia doesn’t prevent all dementias.   The only way we can beat dementia is by investing and taking part in research. In the past, opportunities for patient and public involvement in dementia research has not been actively promoted. It’s really important that we give people this chance, and it’s a great privilege for us as a team and an organisation to be able to support people interested in dementia research to take part.

“Research can be about all aspects of dementia, not just drug treatments. No one will ever be pressured into taking part in research and people always have the choice of whether to take part in any studies offered.  I would encourage everyone to look at key websites such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Join Dementia Research to find out more about dementia, research in dementia, and to join the dementia research register. I’m on it, please join me!”

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