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Support this Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Posted on the 10th May 2019

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, with this in mind health professionals from Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust are encouraging people experiencing difficulties with their mental health to get in touch for support.

Mental Health Awareness Week this year runs from 13 to 19 May to raise awareness of mental health conditions and bring people together to tackle the stigma against it. In line with this, the Trust’s Wellbeing and Mental Health Helpline and Mindsmatter Talking Therapy Service are asking people who may be experiencing anxiety, low mood or stress to get in touch.

The Wellbeing and Mental Health Helpline provides a listening ear and emotional support for people across Lancashire who may be feeling lonely, stressed or experiencing mental health problems and thoughts of suicide.

The Mindsmatter service provides talking therapies, and psychological and therapeutic support for people living in Lancashire and St Helens through education classes, techniques to improve relaxation and sleep, counselling and online cognitive behavioural therapy programmes.

Lorraine Khalaf, Wellbeing and Mental Health Helpline Manager at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“Sadly there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health which can sometimes deter people from opening up and getting in touch with local services that are here to support them. This Mental Health Awareness Week we want to encourage people who are feeling low, lonely or experiencing mental health problems to pick up the phone and get in touch with us so that we can support them to get the help they need. No one should feel as though they have anyone to talk to and Mental Health Awareness Week is a great opportunity to raise the profile of the services that are available and remind people that it is ok to talk.”

Kieran Fleck, PWP Lead for the Mindsmatter Service at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“There is help available and, although it can feel like a big step, speaking to a health professional about mental health often easier than you think. The friendly clinicians and staff from Mindsmatter will talk to you about what treatments we offer and will help you take charge of your mental health and wellbeing.”

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 7pm to 11pm and Saturday and Sunday 12 midday to 12 midnight. For more information about the Wellbeing and Mental Health Helpline, please call 0800 915 4640 or visit and for information about your local Mindsmatter Service please visit