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Lancashire Care Receives Altro Design Award

Posted on the 12th July 2019

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust’s inpatient mental health wards have received a prestigious award that celebrates excellence in design.  

The Trust’s inpatient mental health wards at Chorley Hospital have received the Altro Design Recognition Award for working with partners to create spaces for mental health patients that are soothing and calming.

Lancashire Care joined Gilling Dodd Architects to create a more homely and less clinical environment for patients, a concept that uses pastel colours to create a calming atmosphere on the wards.

The inpatient wards incorporate a number of Altro products that include Altro Wood Safety on the floors, and Altro Whiterock Digiclad and Altro Pisces for artwork that has been designed by Stella Corrall, an award winning artist who focuses on creating artwork for wellbeing. The use of Altro products has allowed the wards to develop a calming ambience while subtly allowing room numbers to feature outside bedrooms.

Barry Cleminson, HSIS Estates Project Manager for Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“We are so proud to receive the Altro Design Recognition Award for our recently refurbished inpatient mental health wards at Chorley Hospital. The partnership that the Trust, Stella and Gilling Dodd developed with service users was fundamental in ensuring that the ward environment met the needs of the people who are using it and most importantly provided a homely, relaxing environment for people to be able to recover in.

“We engaged with service users and those with lived experience throughout the project in order to gather their thoughts on the artwork, colour scheme and furniture. The feedback that we have received about the new wards has been amazing and we are delighted to see what a difference the new facilities are having on people’s lives already.”

Stella Corrall, Lucentia Design, said:

“Working with service users was fundamental to achieving the final Whiterock print designs. The expressive mark-making with balance of colour and composition was carefully considered for each environment so that they achieved a sense of calm and interest in the varied ward areas.”

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