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Be a Volunteer 2014

Posted on the 17th April 2014

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to meet new people, as well as learning, or building on, existing knowledge and skills. Roles within the Trust can vary, whether it is working in an office, as a dining companion, an interpreter or a meeting facilitator. The time spent as a volunteer is flexible and roles can work around the commitments of each individual. 

Denise Carson, Volunteer Service Manager said:

“Volunteers really allow individual teams to enhance the services the Trust provides and contribute so much when it comes to providing excellent care. The volunteers aim to help improve the experience of our patients and engage with the local community which is of great importance and can make a real impact on patients and their families. We currently have over 300 volunteers of all ages and from different walks of life. Volunteers are an integral part of the Trust’s services and we really value their input and support.”

Margaret Mills is a volunteer for the Trust’s Communities Against Cancer team. Margaret was formerly a nurse at Burnley General Hospital and looked to volunteering when she retired in 2005. Her plans were put on hold when she was diagnosed with breast cancer however, Margaret is now happily in remission and 21 months after completing her treatment she now volunteers with the Trust. Margaret said:

“I thoroughly enjoy volunteering and would encourage anyone to give it a go. It is different from working as you are giving up your own time but it is absolutely worth it. Through a mixture of my career background and own patient experience I feel I am really able to give something back to those I am working with; I can share my story with others and help them through a difficult time and it is a privilege to be able to do this.”

To find out more about becoming a volunteer please visit or contact 01772 645507.