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Be Mindful

Posted on the 16th May 2014

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety every year, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week by encouraging people to be mindful to help improve their health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Awareness Week is led by the Mental Health Foundation and this year the focus is on anxiety. Most people will experience feelings of anxiety during their life, however what may start as every day worry can sometimes lead into something stronger like phobias, panics or obsessional behaviour. The increased pressures of daily life mean many people are trying to find new ways to cope and mindfulness courses are being adopted as a way of helping people to focus on the present and better manage their anxiety or stress.

Mindfulness teaches people skills to enable them to improve their own health and wellbeing. Research shows it can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety as well as managing the effects of some long term physical health conditions and sleep problems.

Lisa Graham, a Mindfulness Teacher at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We provide eight week mindfulness courses across Lancashire which help participants relate differently to their thoughts helping them see them as just thoughts and not a reality. The sessions help people to become a skilled observer of their own life, to tune in and notice their knee-jerk reactions to situations and helps them to relate to life’s struggles in a more sympathetic way.

“With mindfulness we learn to cherish the beauty in our lives, to weather the hard times and to skilfully acknowledge and accept those things we cannot change or control. This allows us to put our energy into what really does matter.”

You can find out more about the mindfulness courses in Lancashire by visiting or the Be Mindful website which is part of the Mental Health Foundation at