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Posted on the 20th July 2021

A northwest mental health worker shares his tips for managing anxiety, to help communities cope in the weeks following ‘freedom day’.

Sam Tyrer, prevention and engagement lead at Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust (LSCft) has released videos for families across the northwest, detailing coping strategies for anxiety and how to improve general mental health.

During a summer free-from Covid restrictions, children throughout the region are breaking up for school holidays while some parents return to the office for the first time in 18 months. With so many significant changes, the Trust is providing the tools to help manage any fears and help support wellbeing.

The videos, presented by Sam, also discuss different ways to cope with change, going back to school and where to go to if you need further support.

  1. Tips for managing your anxiety during the school holidays
  2. Coping with change and preparing for a new year at school or college
  3. Where to access mental health support

Sam, also the founder of Change Talks, an educational service that aims to prevent ill-health, said: “With yet more change after an intense year and a half, it’s so important to not only recognise our worries or concerns but understand how to manage and cope with them.

“In the videos, I talk through breathing techniques, distractions, support circles and where to go if you need further mental health support. Following a long period of uncertainty it’s also really important to try and embrace the excitement of life returning to some form of normality.”

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