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New support group for local mums

Posted on the 29th May 2014

Rachel Henrys, a mum from Coppull has set up a support group with the help of local Health Visitors to help local mums who may be struggling with depression.

Rachel set up the HOPE group, which stands for Helping Others Progress Everyday, as part of a new government initiative, known as ‘Building Community Capacity’. This initiative encourages local residents to identify any needs they have and then work alongside professionals to address any requirements.
Rachel saw a gap in the local area for support groups for new mum’s who may be suffering with depression or feelings of isolation following the birth of their child and approached her Health Visiting team to find out how this could be supported.

Rachel said:

“After speaking with local mums, I realised there was a lack of peer support groups in the area to help those feeling low or isolated. I approached Carol Snape, my Health Visitor to find out how I could go about helping those who were feeling low and didn’t know where to turn for help. With Carol’s help we contacted the library who have very kindly offered us a meeting place. We have managed to secure Rescue Kits for HOPE group members which include pamper items to help mum’s feel more relaxed as well as useful contact numbers to call should they need some additional support when they are feeling low.”

Carol Snape, a Health Visitor at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust who has helped set up the group said:

“Rachel has worked really hard to get the group running. The Building Community Capacity initiative gives local communities the power to have a say over services they need and empowers them to go out and get them which is exactly what has happened. As Health Visitors, we do see new mums in the area who feel isolated or alone for a variety of reasons after the birth of their child. Having groups such as this allows them to talk to others in similar situations, share experiences and details of what has worked for them to help them improve their wellbeing.”

The first group takes place on Monday 2 June at 1.30pm at Coppull Library and anyone wishing to attend can call Rachel on 01257 671025.