Oral Health Advice for Children

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    Oral Health Advice for Children


    • Brush teeth at least twice a day, including last thing at night before bed
    • Children need help with brushing until they are at least seven years old
    • Use a small-headed toothbrush with medium- texture bristles


    • For children aged under 3 years brush twice daily using only a smear of family fluoride toothpaste
    • For children aged 3+ years use only a pea-sized amount of family fluoride toothpaste
    • Spit out the toothpaste after brushing and don’t rinse – this helps to strengthen teeth
    • Children must not be allowed to eat or lick toothpaste from the tube

    Food and drink

    • Limit how much and how often your child has sugary foods and drinks – keep these to meal times only
    • Between meals choose sugar-free snacks such as fresh fruit, vegetables e.g. carrot /cucumber sticks, cheese, plain natural yoghurt, bread /toast (not fruit breads), pitta bread, chapattis and milk or water to drink
    • Avoid foods and drinks containing sugar at bedtime – nothing should be eaten or drunk in the last hour before bed


    • Request sugar free medicines
    • If sugar free alternatives are not available, where possible, try to give at mealtimes