How to support children in their early years

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    How to support children in their early years

    Image of girl with text How to support children in their early years



    This information is intended for parents or carers of babies and young infants up to approximately 2 years old. Every child develops at a different rate so this information may also help if you have an older child who experiences a delay in their skills.



    High chairs and seating options

    If you are choosing a high chair for the first time or are considering changing the high chair or seat which your child uses, here is a guide to some of the options that are readily available through commercial shops or the internet. This should help you choose a chair that will promote the best sitting position for your child.


    Please click on this link to find a video of some hints and tips about different things to consider when choosing a high chair. (coming soon).  


    Here is a guide to some ideas to help your child with eating and drinking. You may have many of the resources already or they are cheap and readily available.


    Here is some information to help you consider which bath seat will be best to help your child maintain a safe position and enjoy their bath time as well as help you to wash and care for them.  




    Here are some hints and tips about toys your baby or young child will enjoy. It is hoped this will help you make the most out of common, everyday toys that you already have at home or can easily purchase through shops or the internet.

    Please click on this link to find simple play ideas to encourage your child to play, have fun and explore. This will be the start of them developing skills that could help them suceed in more complex motor activities as they grow up.



    Further advice


    Please contact the Occupational Therapy team if you would like further advice or information.