Equipment and Adaptations

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    Equipment and adaptations

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    In Occupational Therapy there is a wide range of equipment that can help a child or young person compensate for a particular difficulty. By using aids this may help them in a number of ways such as:

    • maintain their posture
    • reduce risks of further postural changes
    • make it easier for them to participate in a functional activity
    • increase their age appropriate independence in an activityImage of boy with text below saying Equipment and adaptations
    • reduce their fatigue levels so they can engage in an activity for longer
    • make it safer or easier for parents or carers to meet their everyday needs
    • make it easier for them to tranfer themselves or be transferred between different activities

    Prescription Equipment

    Prescription equipment covers simple equipment that may help you to access your home or the facilities within the home. This equipment is often small and portable eg bath board, bath steps, toileting frames, grab rails, perching stools and transfer boards.

    The Occupational Therapy team will assess for this equipment and issue a prescription. This is similar to a prescription for medicines in the sense that you cache the prescription and do not pay for the items. The Occupational Therapist will give you more details at the assessment.

    Once the equipment is installed and Occupational Therapy team are happy that the equipment is helpful to your child, the equipment is not routinely checked. However if you have any queries or feel the equipment no longer meets your child’s needs please contact your local Occupational Therapy team for further advice.

    There is a wide range of equipment that is covered by the prescription scheme. Please click on the links below for more information on common items covered by the scheme.  

    bath board

    bath step

    perching stool

    transfer board

    Specialist Equipment

    This is equipment that is specifically prescribed for the child or young person and will be more bespoke than the prescription items. This is provided through Occupational Therapy for home. It could include specialist seating, bath seats, bath lifts, potty seats, beds or slings.

    We know that you are often keen to use the equipment, but we routinely advise that this is not used until it is set up or checked by the Occupational Therapy team. The Occupational Therapy team will need to ensure it is set up to the right size and that it supports your child correctly.

    Once it is in use it will be regularly checked by the Occupational Therapy Team. However if you have queries about its specification, how it supports your child or if your child has grown please contact your local Occupational Therapist.

    If there are any queries with the maintenance or repair of the equipment please contact the local warehouse which delivered the equipment to you.

    When a child has postural difficulties Occupational Therapists also prescribe specialist seats for children to use in school. These are also checked on a regular basis. However if there are any queries please contact the Occupational Therapy team.

    Minor Works or Adaptations

    Where equipment does not meet the needs of the child or young person it may be appropriate to modify the home environment in order to promote independence or help a parent or carer to safely meet the child's care needs at home. This could range from installing an additional stair rail to accessing bedroom or bathroom facilities and hoisting).

    The Occupational Therapist will liaise with you and create a specification that will meet the child's health needs.  This is then sent to the local council or housing association for funding, to determine how the specification can be meet within your home, building checks and to practically complete the works.



    Further advice.

    If there are any queries or if further advice is required please contact your local Occupational Therapy team.