Self Care Difficulties

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    How to support children with self care difficulties

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    Self care skills are personal tasks that you do each day in order to take care of yourself. For a child or young person this can include getting dressed, going to the toilet and feeding.

    Due to a number of reasons each child or young person develops independence with self care tasks at different rates. Please click on the link below for a general guide to what is typically expected.

    Development of self care

    Dressing and Undressing

    Backward chaining

    This is a technique which can be help a child or young person develop their skills in many activities, but is especially important for developing undressing and dressing skills. Please click on the picture for more information. Please click on the video (coming soon) for more details.

    image of narrative - backward chaining


    Bottom wiping- please click on this link for more information

    More advice on toileting coming soon,


    Culery- please click on this link for further information.

    More information on cutlery coming soon.


    Please click on the links to find furtehr information on apps which may help your child or young person

    Further advice

    If there are any queries with this information or if more specific advice is required please contact your local Occupational Therapy team.