Paediatric Liaison Service

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    Welcome to the Paediatric Liaison Webpage

    About us

    The Paediatric Liaison Service role is to ensure that there are effective two way communication and sharing of information between hospitals and community services which enables children and their families to receive appropriate care and support.

    How does it happen?

    All Accident and Emergency/Urgent Care Centre attendances of children and young people (0-19 years) records are reviewed by the Paediatric Liaison nurse in a timely manner to identify any potential concerns. This information is then shared with Health Visitors and School Nurses via e-mail referral for early intervention, advice and support to be made to the child, young person or family.

    The Liaison team also receives hospital discharge information about children and young people (0-19 years) which is then passed to community teams on behalf of the acute trusts.

    The service facilitates follow up of children in Neonatal Intensive Care and Children’s Wards in order that best care is provided for those children and their families

    The Service has links with other Paediatric Liaison services in other trusts and provides liaison for Pennine Lancashire children seen at other hospitals  

    The service also provides a point of contact for adult mental health services to effectively liaise with children’s services regarding adults who have childcare responsibilities.

    The service also provide a point of contact for Midwifery services to effectively liaise with children’s services where there are concerns.

    Contact Us

    East & BwD Locality – Tel: 01254 283833

    Central Lancashire Locality – Tel : 01772 777387

    Service Operates Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm