Pain Management Programme

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    Pain Management Programme

    Living well despite pain

    This group is for people with persistent pain. It is delivered by experienced specialist clinicians including doctors, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and specialist nurses.

    What to Expect

    This programme runs over 8 consecutive weeks, with one education and one exercise session each week. Usually about 10 people will attend.

    Image of members of the pain management group

    The group is delivered in a friendly, safe and supportive environment. People are welcome to say as much or as little as they are comfortable with and confidentiality is respected. We will explore your ‘best hopes’ for the programme and most importantly, tap in to your existing expertise with regards to living well despite pain.

    Education & Exercise

    Throughout the programme we will discuss and explore different topics including: pain mechanisms, pacing, goal setting, pain medication, communicating with others, relaxation, sleep, nutrition and managing flare ups.

    The exercise component is designed by our own specialist physiotherapists for people with persistent pain. They are gentle and graded and tailored to your individual ability, so that by gradually working at your own pace, you can build up what you can do.

    How to access the programme

    Usually you will have an appointment with a clinician in the community pain service, which is accessed via your GP. If you and your clinician agree that this programme could be helpful for you, you will be invited by letter to attend an informal assessment session. The purpose of this session is to meet staff, learn more about the group, ask any further questions and ensure that the group is right for you.

    The group is delivered through the NHS so no cost is involved. However, places are in high demand so we ask that you ensure you can attend all the sessions, as regular attendance is important in order to benefit most from the group.

    What our PMP graduates say about the programme

    “I would definitely recommend this PMP to anyone suffering with chronic pain. The exercise sessions were useful as it helped me to adapt different exercises, which I can do at home. It also gives you a sense of wellbeing and achievement. I found the knowledge sessions really helpful and informative and having the handouts will help in the future for reference. I just want to add how lovely the team were and how helpful they were. They make you feel at ease straight away and try to answer all questions and if they don’t know something they will find out the info for the next session. I’ve really enjoyed coming and found it really interesting. Thank you so much to everybody and I’m going to miss coming. It was fun! (Especially the free biscuits! J)”

    “Just a thank you to all the PMP team for all the help and support you have given me, to build my strength and confidence so that I can cope better with my life as a whole”

    “I have learned lots of things and techniques about managing pain. This programme took me to the more positive side, I am starting to think more positively now. I will definitely recommend this programme to others because it really built my confidence”

    “I now have an exercise programme which I can follow on a regular basis without causing me more pain”

    “Exercise very helpful and now I have a routine I can following knowing exercise is helpful to get on top of my pain, reduce stiffness and improve balance’’

    “It is brilliant and very effective. I am feeling better with the exercise sessions. I have got courage now because I am doing it with others who have got problems similar to mine. And the good thing is we admire each other by sharing our experiences”

    “Very useful explanations of pain medication. I can now have confidence talking to my new GP about medication I take for pain”

    “The relaxation and mindfulness has been helpful as through the PMP I learnt that the link between relaxation and pain helps. I can also pass this on to other people”

    Circuit Marching on the Spot

    Circuit Bicep Curls

    Circuit Arm Raises

    Circuit Side Reach

    Circuit Side Steps

    Circuit Single Leg Stand

    Circuit Sit to Stand

    Circuit Trunk Curls