Perinatal Attend Anywhere Online Consultations

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    Attend Anywhere – Online Consultations

    The Specialist Perinatal CMHT is now offering Online Consultations; we are very hopeful that this will support service users in our communities are who unable to be seen at home or in clinic. This platform will help bridge the gap between a telephone call and a home or clinic face-to-face consultation. Please see below the user guide, patient leaflet and  a quick link to our Perinatal waiting room.

    Perinatal Waiting Room:

    Please note that when you start the video call you will be asked for your name, date of birth and a telephone contact number. We will use this number to call you on if there is an issue with the consultation taking place.

    Please use the links below to help you access the consultation system;

    Information Leaflet

    Consultation Screen Information Poster