Meet The Perinatal Team

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    Meet the Team

    Our team work together to provide care and treatment that is appropriate for you. Our specialist team is made up of mental health nurses, staff nurses, nursery nurses an occupational therapist, outreach workers and a clinical psychologist.

    Dr Gillian Strachan, Consultant Psychiatrist

    "We have known for a long time that the first few weeks and months after having a baby, is the highest risk time in anybody’s life for developing a psychotic illness. Around 1 in 1000 women suffer from post-partum psychosis and that is often something that someone has never heard of."

    "Often what we see on social media and what people talk about is how wonderful it is being a mum. People often post pictures of their smiling babies and they don’t post how difficult it is, the change it can bring to their lives, what an impact lack of sleep can have on their mental health. They do not talk about their feelings of inadequacy as a mum, perhaps feelings that they are not doing it right as they think people may judge them or they will be stigmatised."

    "We are really looking forward to opening our brand new specialist perinatal service that will support mums living in Cumbria and Lancashire!”

    Philip Hayes, Perinatal Ward Manager

    “I am so excited about the new facility. It’s amazing that our Trust has been given the   mandate to build this specialist unit and I’m proud to be part of the new project.   Thankfully perinatal mental health has finally been given the publicity and governmental   support it has needed for many years. Mothers will be able to receive the care they need   nearer to home whilst making partners and families lives easier too with reduced travel   time.

     “I live in the Chorley area and there is already a buzz of excitement building as the project   gains momentum and staff I come into contact are asking questions about this specialist   branch of mental health care!”