Your first appointment with Children's Physiotherapy Services

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    Your First Appointment

    What to expect at your first appointment?

    At your child’s first Physiotherapy appointment we will aim to find out about your child’s difficulties and how Physiotherapy might be able to help.

    We advise parents to come to the first initial appointment to give consent and information needed.  You will be asked about your child’s development, any medication they may be taking, how they are managing at school, things they like to do, their abilities and difficulties, any pain they are suffering  from.  Your child will be involved as much as possible in these discussions. Your child will then need to be appropriately undressed for the physiotherapist to physical examination them. This is important in order to assess your child appropriately; in this case they may want to wear shorts and a vest top.

    Once the Physiotherapist has assessed your child, they will discuss their findings with you and together establish a plan for your child’s treatment if this is required. This may include what we can do to help you and what you and your child can do at home to continue the treatment.  You will always have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.




    We are working hard to maintain children's physiotherapy services during this time.

    To ensure your safety, and that of our staff, all appointments will be initially offered via a telephone consultation.

    During this phone consultation discussion will take place with regards the best and safest way to manage your child's physiotherapy care. You may be offered a video consultation for further assessment to be made, for this we have been using a number of platforms including Whats App and Skype and Attend Anywhere. 

    It is important that if you are offered Telephone consultation someone with parental responsibility and the referred child are available to take the call at your specified appointment time.