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    Physiotherapy - How to Refer

    Criteria for Referral

    Referrals into the Children's Physiotherapy service are accepted for:-

    Children and young people 0 – 18 years old ( 19 years old if in full time education) with a movement or co-ordination difficulty which interferes with their motor skills and restricts their participation in daily activities and where their level of performance is not in line with their levels of learning.

    And also for:-

    Children and young people with acute musculoskeletal problems (injury and pain) up to and including 15 years of age. (Patients aged 16 and over will access the adult MSK service)

    Sources of Referral

    Other professionals may refer the child or young person to the service, e.g. Health Visitors, Learning Disability Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists, Children's Services, Hospital staff, GPs, Community Paediatricians. 

    Referrals are accepted via:

    Referral and Assessment Centre
    Room FD GF 34
    Daisyfield Mill
    Appleby Street
    BB1 3BL
    Telephone: 01254 612600
    Fax: 01254 283712
    Email: C&

    Please click here to download our Referral Form