Preparing For Your Physiotherapy Appointment

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    Preparing For Your Physiotherapy Appointment

    What should I wear?

    With your consent,you may be asked to remove or move clothing so that they can easily access and treat the area concerned. For this reason,it is better to wear loose and comfortable clothing that can be easily taken off or moved.

    For example,if you are attending for a problem with your legs, you may wish to bring a pair of shorts. For assessment of your neck or arms, a strappy or sleeveless top may be useful.

    lf for religious or personal reasons you are not happy to undress, please inform your physiotherapist who will be able to adapt the treatment if necessary.

    Can I request to be seen by a male or female physiotherapist?

    Yes. If you would prefer to be seen by a therapist of the same sex,please tell us when you book your appointment or contact us to let us know.

    What do I need to tell the physiotherapist?

    You will get more from your treatment with us if you are able to think about your issue and what you want to get out of your physiotherapy session beforehand.

    If you have had a problem for a long time,it can be easy to forget when things started and how the pain may have changed over time. Below are some questions that you are likely to be asked by your physiotherapist:

    • What do you want to get out of the treatment session?
    • Where are you experiencing any pain?
    • When did the problem first start?
    • Is there anythingthat could have triggered it?
    • When is the problem at its best and at its worst?

    Can I bring my children with me to my appointment?

    Yes, you can bring children and minors to the appointment with you. They will have to join you in the treatment room.

    Do I need to bring any form of ID?

    No. You do not need to bring any ID to your appointment.

    Our Cancellation policy

    If you want to cancel your appointment, you must let us know 48 hours before your appointment is due to take place.

    Unfortunately, if you late cancel or do not attend two appointments, we will refer you back to your GP and conclude your file.

    If you need to check, cancel or re-schedule an appointment please call 0330 678 0851 or email