Psychiatric Speciality Consultants

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    Psychiatric Speciality Consultants

    Community and Wellbeing Network

    Learning Disability Children’s

    Dr Mischa Mockett

    Learning Disability Community

    Dr Jennifer Shankland
    Dr Shilpee Soren
    Dr Tim Matthews

    Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Network

    CAMHS Tier 3

    Dr Diana DeBruyne
    Dr Linda Robinson
    Dr Rikta Talukder
    Dr Susanne Marwedel

    CAMHS Tier 4

    Dr Amith Paramel

    EIS Central & West Lancs

    Dr Adam Joiner
    Dr Ashutosh Kaushal

    EIS East

    Dr Masood Qureshi
    Professor Nusrat Husain
    Dr Abdullahi Halilu

    EIS Fylde & North

    Dr Michael Robson
    Dr Sanjush Baby

    Mental Health Network

    Forensic Psychiatry

    Dr Amar Seebhujun
    Dr Amit Sharda
    Dr Clare Oakley
    Dr Czarina Kirk
    Dr Dawn Washington
    Dr Joseph Sikabbubba
    Dr Louise Robinson
    Dr Lucy Bacon
    Dr Matt Appleyard
    Dr Matthew Dewsbery
    Dr Mukhtar Ahmed
    Dr Stephen Noblett
    Dr Swaroop Sangnal Matt
    Dr Zona Crispin

    Mother and Baby Mental Health

    Dr. Gillian Strachan
    Dr Charlotte Busby