Support with Bereavement and Loss

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    Bereavement and Loss

    We understand the impact bereavement has on our personal wellbeing and have designed this section of our website to raise awareness of the support available if you would like to learn more about the grieving process.

    Losing someone close to us could be regarded as one of the most difficult experiences we face. During the COVID-19 pandemic, loss is particularly difficult as it may seem more difficult to access support, be with those who would normally support us and we may not be able to hold the funerals we would expect to.

    We've collated some of the resources available that you may like to access when you are ready to. We also have workshops and courses designed to help with the grieving process.

    When someone you know dies

    This information has been designed to explain grief and the different approaches you may use if you feel overwhelmed. We talk about the grief process but recognise this is different for everyone.

    Grief and bereavement services

    A list of the current grief and bereavement services available to you in Lancashire.

    • BPS - A guide from the British Psychological Society. Designed to support yourself and others whilst coping with death & grief during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Cruse - A guide from Cruse Bereavement that helps explain the grieving process when we lose someone very close to us.

    Poetry, Grief and Healing - Dr Yvonne Reddick – UCLan

    Poetry, Grief and Healing is designed to be a companion in the months and years after bereavement. You will read beautiful, moving and uplifting poems. Easy writing exercises will guide you through the process of writing your own poetry. You can do the writing exercises on your own, or in a group. You don’t need to have written any poems before.      

    The book includes poetry that Yvonne Reddick wrote in memory of her dad. Yvonne has enjoyed working with the Lancashire Recovery College on several series of writing workshops about bereavement, from 2019 onwards. The writing exercises in Poetry, Grief and Healing have developed from Yvonne’s work with the Recovery College, with support from counsellors. People wrote many beautiful poems during the workshops. Participants shared their poems with Lancashire Recovery College staff, and some even sent them to a government special committee on Life After Covid-19!


    Grief and loss videos

    Watch our videos below to understand more about grief and loss and our emotions surrounding the experience. 

    Grief and loss and introduction

    LSCFT psychologists Victoria and Hayley introduce grief and loss, discussing it both from a professional and human angle.

    Grief and loss continued

    Hayley and Victoria discuss the 'Whirlpool of Grief' as a model for understanding how we might address and relate to, our emotions when experiencing loss and grief.

    Grief and loss, final thoughts

    Some final and rather poignant thoughts on the process of grieving. Victoria and Hayley discuss thoughts about the individualism of loss and how we all deal differently with the most difficult of emotions.