The Skylark Centre

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    The Skylark Centre

    The centre has 11 beds for people who have been discharged from inpatient mental health services but need some support to regain the skills and confidence before they are able to return home.

    The centre is now open for referrals, offering Moving On rehabilitation in an open and welcoming domestic environment. 

    Moving On is a term used to describe a model of rehabilitation care which focuses on empowering people to gain or recover confidence and skills that promote independence, autonomy and which encourage hope for the future. The service will provide rehabilitative care for up to 12 months to service users who are over 18 and who:

    • Suffer with a severe psychotic illness which will have an enduring/severe impact on them
    • Have moderate/substantial needs regarding social functioning and/or self-care skills as a result of persistent mental illness
    • Have a history of high use of in-patient or home based care
    • Have difficulty in maintaining activities and relationships that promote social inclusion
    • Require longer term engagement for treatment
    • Have treatment resistance and complex comorbidities or dual diagnosis 
    • Have moderate levels of vulnerability and distress due to mental health problems
    • Have low-level of risk, aggression, self-harm or substance misuse

    On transfer out of the Moving On service people will hopefully move into their own accommodation, independently or with some support, or into supported housing. Look out for further information and the opportunity for teams to go and have a look around the centre. If you wish to make a make a referral please email

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