How to support children with special needs

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    How to support children with special needs

    cartoon image of a child

    This guide is intended for parents and carers of children who are developing early communication skills and who may require parents and carers to interpret their non-verbal communication signals. It aims to support communication partners to use simplified language, touch, natural gesture, and objects to support their  child's communication skills and to develop opportunities within the environment to support this.

    Communication is:

    • The way we control our lives
    • The way we make friends
    • The way we become independent
    • The way we make choices
    • The way we express our feelings, thoughts and emotions
    • A two way interaction

    Click the circles below for some of our top tips to develop your child's communication.


    Below you will find some leaflets, which we hope you find useful. Each leaflet has a short explanation of the topic and then a useful website you might like to visit to help you understand the area more. Please do contact the Speech and Language Therapy team if you would like further information and we will be happy to help.






    Below you will find some useful website links where you will find more information and support. Just click the pictures.