How to support communication development over 5 years

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    How to support communication development over 5 years


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    As children reach primary school age there is often a surge in their language skills.

    They start to use more complex sentences of up to 5-6 words to talk about what has happened, retell stories and join in group discussions e.g. carpet time.

    They begin to follow 3 step instructions and understand time word such as tomorrow, yesterday, today. They answer ‘why?'  and ‘how?' questions and understand simple jokes. As these language skills emerge their play and social skills develop to include organising and cooperating in games and play.

      Some children need additional support to develop their language skills.

      Common language difficulties in school age children include:

      • Difficulties with word learning or word finding difficulties
      • Sentence building errors
      • Muddled word order
      • Difficulties understanding and remembering instructions
      • Slow processing of spoken language
      • Difficulties answering questions
      • Problem solving difficulties
      • Sequencing and retelling stories
      • Grammatical errors

      Language difficulties persisting beyond school age can be as a result of a Developmental Language Disorder .

      A child can be diagnosed with DLD if their language difficulties:

      • are likely to carry on into adulthood
      • have a significant impact on progress at school, or on everyday life
      • are unlikely to catch up without help
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      Below you will find some leaflets, which we hope you find useful. Each leaflet has a short explanation of the topic. Please do contact the Speech and Language Therapy team if you would like further information and we will be happy to help.

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      Below you will find some useful website links where you will find more information and support.  Just click the pictures.

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