Your first appointment with our Speech and Language Therapy Service

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    Speech & Language Therapy
    Your First Appointment

    What will happen at my first appointment?  

    There are now a number of ways you may have your child's first appointment with our team. When you ring in for an appointment these options will be discussed and you will be given the support you need to access this appointment.  The first appointment may be over the phone, via a video system called 'attend anywhere' or at one of our clinics face to face with a therapist. Due to COVID restriction you will not always be able to choose, which type of appointment you will be offered.

    At all first appointments the therapist will talk to you and ask questions about your child and your concerns. If the appointment is via video or face to face they will talk to your child and depending on their age may watch them playing or show them pictures. They may also carry out specific assessments of your child’s speech and language skills. They will explain the results of these to you and discuss what help your child might need.

    On some occasions the therapist may also ask that you send videos in of your child so that they can get a better understanding of your child's needs. The therapist will provide you with a number to send this to and explain this process.