How to support children with hearing impairment

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    How to support children with hearing impairment


    image of child with caption about children with a hearing impairment

    Approximately, 1 in every 1,000 babies are born with a permanent hearing loss in one or both ears in the UK. Having a permanent hearing loss can present complex challenges to children in developing their speech, language and communication skills. However, these children have the potential to develop high level language and communication skills if they receive the right support, at the right time.


    There are many things that parents and carers can do to support their child with hearing impairment to develop their:

    • Listening and attention skills
    • Understanding of language
    • Expressive language
    • Speech sounds
    • Social communication and interaction skills

    Please find below some recommended leaflets, videos and website links. We hope you find these useful and help you to support your child’s communication development at home.

    Below is a video introducing a series of videos by The University of Sheffield on how to support the communication development of deaf babies and toddlers with any level of hearing loss. Please access the rest of the videos in the series by searching: Supporting Communication with Deaf Babies and Toddlers - YouTube

    Please select the images below where you will find some useful website links to find more information and support.