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    Children's Speech & Language Therapy Service
    Support for Schools and Nurseries


    Universal and Targeted Advice

    Please see the “My Child” section of this website for some useful links to find further information on how to support children’s speech, language and communication development.

    Please see the “How can you Help your Child” section of this website to find further information and advice leaflets on how to support children with different aspects of their speech, language and communication development.

    Please click to download further information and examples of universal advice and targeted interventions widely available to the wider workforce.

    SLCN Universal and Targeted Advice and Resources – Early Years

    SLCN Universal and Targeted Advice and Resources – Primary School Age

    SLCN Universal and Targeted Advice and Resources – 11+yrs

    Please contact your Language Lead (Early Years Settings), SENCO, Specialist Teacher, SEND Service or Link Speech and Language Therapist from your local NHS team in order to discuss any further support your setting may need.


    We offer a range of training courses.  Please see the “Training” section of this website for further details and to download a copy of our training brochure.

    For enquiries, please contact the Speech and Language Therapy Training Department

    Telephone: 01254 283139








    Children's Integrated Therapy services bring together a number services into an integrated model of provision at locality level.

    These services include Children's Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Physiotherapy services. We also deliver support to children who have individual packages of care due to their very complex health needs.

    Our aim is to provide a consistently high quality service that is child and family centred for children who have additional needs that may require support from one or more therapy or nursing services. We work in partnership with hospital paediatric services, schools, social care services and other agencies to deliver effective multi-agency care for these children.

    What makes us unique?

    We are one of the largest children's herapy Services in the country. Our size and scale achieves two key benefits; firstly within our workforce we have expert specialist clinicians who are able to advise and develop practice across Lancashire, ensuring we are delivering the highest possible standards of care, embracing the latest research and continually improving and advancing practice. Secondly we are able to deliver high quality services at competitive prices.

    Our other unique strength is our co-producing leadership structure which ensures joint decision making between clinicians and managers at all levels of the service, resulting in high clinical quality and a clear focus on the needs of the children, young people and their families. Also key to our success is our commitment to partnership working with both families and other agencies at locality level.

    We have taken the step of developing integrated teams within each of our localities. This means that not only do we deliver excellent clinical care but we do it in an integrated way that is personalised around the needs of children and their families.

    Future Focus

    We want to work with partners to deliver integrated cross-sector working for young people from birth through to the age of 25. Another key aim is to further grow the provision of care at home. Clinical pathways and packages of care are being developed to ensure that the best possible evidence based care is delivered in a timely manner. This is enabled by having multidisciplinary teams working with partners.


    We offer a range of training courses. These are free to parents and have a small cost for professionals. 

    For more information about training courses follow this link to download a copy of our brochure or this link for a copy of the Training Application Form

    Please follow this link to download our Training Schedule.

    Can't find the course you're looking for?

    If there's something you're looking for and you can't find it in our prospectus, give us a call on 01254 283139 and we will create a bespoke package tailor made to your needs.

    How to access our training and consultancy

    To discuss your individual requirements please contact us on:
    Telephone: 01254 283139